Q&A* | The Ruling of Foodstuffs That Are Distributed During Christmas And Christian New Year Festivals – Shaykh ‘Abdullah Ad-Dhafiri

السائل: السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته وحياكم الله وبياكم شيخنا الحبيب أسال الله أن تكونوا في أحسن حال والأهل جميعا بخير وعافية آمين. شيخنا يسأل بعض الإخوة الموظفين عندنا في نيجيريا عن حكم قبول المواد الغذائية التي توزع للعمال والموظفين في بعض داوئر الحكومية بمناسبة عيد الكرسمس وعيد الميلاد النصارى بحجة ضيق المعيشة وغلاء الأسعار .جزاكم الله خيرا كثيرا

جواب الشيخ د. عبدالله بن صلفيق الظفيري (حفظه الله): [وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته]
مادام وزع بنية هذا الاحتفال الكفري فلا يجوز أخذها ويغنيهم الله بالحلال المباح عن هذا المطعوم المبني على حرام وكفر. ومن ترك شئياً لله عوضه اللله خيرا منه


“As-Salām ‘Alaykum Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh
May Allāh sustain you and raise your rank, our beloved Shaykh, I ask Allāh that you and your family are in the best state, and that you are doing well and healthy. Amin.

Our Shaykh, some of the brothers in Nigeria who are employees are asking regarding the ruling of accepting foodstuffs that are distributed to workers and employees in some government offices during Christmas festival and Christian New Year festival on the basis that the means of livelihood and sustenance are difficult and the prices (of food items, etc.) have become high?

May Allāh reward you abundantly.”


Shaykh ‘Abdullah Ibn Salfeeq Ad-Dhafiri (may Allāh preserve him) answered:

“As long as it is a distribution with the intention of this celebration that is connected to kufr (disbelief), it is not permissible to accept it. Allāh would enrich them with halal (lawful and allowed) and permissible in place of this foodstuff that is (given) based on haram (unlawful and prohibited) and kufr (disbelief).

Whosoever abandons something for the Sake of Allāh, Allāh will compensate him (and replace it) with what is better than it.”

* The question was answered by the Shaykh on Thursday 1st Jumaadal Akhirah (14th Dec. 2023) via WhatsApp

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