Book of Fasting – Umdatul-Ahkam (Class 4) – Uways at-Taweel

Hadeeths 1, 2 and 3 from Section 2 (regarding fasting whilst on a journey).

This 4th lesson includes:

  1. What constitutes traveling.
  2. Brief biographies of the two companions – may Allaah be pleased with them both:
    • Abu Saalih Hamzah ibn ‘Amr
    • Abu Dardaa’ ‘Uwaymir ibn ‘Aamir al-Ansaaree
  3. Rulings related to fasting on a Journey (i.e. while traveling) based on 3 hadeeths in the chapter.
  4. A special section discussing the different things that break and invalidate a person’s fast. (A separate audio recording.)

The class was held on the 16th of Ramadan 1441 (9th May 2020).

Things that invalidate a person’s fast:

The translations of the three hadeeths explained are the images below.

Hadeeths 1, 2 & 3 of Section 2

Book of Fasting - Umdatul-Ahkam, fasting, ramadan, umdatul-ahkam


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