Lesson 1: Book of Prayer from Umdatul-Ahkam – Uways at-Taweel

An Explanation of the Book of Prayer from Umdatul-Ahkam by Ustadh Uways at-Taweel, using the works of Ibn Hajr, Imam as-Sa’di, Shaykh Uthaymeen & Shaykh Fawzaan.

Some points discussed in this Introduction:
– The importance of purifying one’s intention for all acts of worship including seeking knowledge.
– The great significance of the prayer in the life of a Muslim and the severity of leaving off the prayer or being negligent regarding it.

The class was held on Saturday, 17th of Safar, 1443 (September 25th, 2021).

hadeeth, prayer, salaah, Salafi Nigeria, salat, umdatul-ahkam, Uwais At-Taweel

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