Book of Purification from Umdatul-Ahkam

Lesson 19: Book of Purification from Umdatul-Ahkam – Uwais at-Taweel

Explanation of Hadeeths #27 of the Book of Purification (#5 of the Chapter of Things that Invalidate Wudoo’):

Narrated Anas ibn Mālik: A Bedouin came and urinated in a part of the Masjid and so the people (Companions) rebuked him. The Prophet ﷺ stopped them; and when he (the Bedouin) had finished urinating, the Prophet ﷺ commanded the Companions to bring a vessel of water to pour over the area (where the Bedouin had urinated).

Some issues discussed:

  1. The impurity of urine and how it should be washed off
  2. The gentleness and exemplary manners of the Messenger ﷺ
  3. A religious principle derived from the hadeeth: When forced to choose between 2 or more evils, one chooses the one with least harm.

The class was held on Saturday, 10th of Jumudā al-Akhirah, 1442 (January 23rd 2021).

ablution, hadeeth, purification, umdatul-ahkam, Uwais At-Taweel, wudoo

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