Book of Purification from Umdatul-Ahkam

Lesson 13: Book of Purification from Umdatul-Ahkam – Uwais at-Taweel

Explanation of Hadeeth #17: “If not that I feared hardship upon my Ummah, I would have ordered them to use the Siwaak before every prayer.”

Some issues discussed:

  1. An introduction to the Chapter of Siwaak, and meanings of Siwaak
  2. Benefits of using the Siwaak: in terms of health and in terms of worship
  3. Encouragement to use the Siwaak regularly; especially for the prayer
  4. Three Fiqh Principles scholars have extracted from the hadeeth

The class was held on Saturday, November 14th, 2020.

ablution, hadeeth, purification, umdatul-ahkam, Uwais At-Taweel, wudoo

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