Lesson 9: The ‘Aqeedah (Creed) of al-Raaziyyaan – Uways at-Taweel

In the recording below, our teacher explains the 13th point in the treatise, Aqeedah of al-Raziyyaan:

والصِّراطُ حقٌّ
[13. The Siraat (bridge over Hellfire) is true and real.]

Some points discussed:

  1. An explanation of what the Siraat is
  2. Some evidences for the Siraat in the Qur’ān, the Sunnah and speech of the Companions
  3. Importance of being upon Taqwa to achieve safety on the Siraat in the Hereafter

The class was held on Saturday, 16th of Safar, 1442 (October 3rd, 2020).

aqeedah, aqidah, attributes, belief, creed, raziyayn, sifaat


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