Lesson 3 – Book of Purification from Umdatul-Ahkam – Uwais at-Taweel

In this third lesson on the Book of Purification from Umdatul-Ahkam, our teacher, Uways at-Taweel (may Allah preserve him), explains the 4th hadeeth of the chapter. Some points covered were:

    1. The command to snuff water up our noses and clean them out mentioned in this hadeeth and its connection to the washing of the faces as mentioned in the Qur’an
    2. Using an odd number of stones to clean oneself after using the bathroom and a clarification of other things that can be used instead of stones
    3. Washing the hands 3 times after waking up before putting them in a vessel

The class was held on Saturday, July 4th, 2020.

ablution, hadeeth, purification, umdatul-ahkam, Uwais At-Taweel, wudoo


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