Lesson 1 – Book of Purification from Umdatul-Ahkam – Uwais at-Taweel

Our teacher, Uways at-Taweel (may Allah preserve him), begins explaining the Book of Purification from Umdatul-Ahkam by giving an introduction to the chapter and an explanation of the first hadeeth.

Some points in the lesson include:

  1. The meaning of the word “Tahaarah” (Purification)
  2. The difference between Physical and Spiritual Purification
  3. Why the author began the book with this chapter
  4. Categories of Water
  5. An explanation of the hadeeth regarding the intention and the importance of making all of one’s deeds sincerely for the Sake of Allah

ablution, hadeeth, purification, umdatul-ahkam, Uwais At-Taweel, wudoo


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