The Cure To Deficiency Lies in Tawheed – Ibn Taymiyyah

قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية :

” فمن أحسّ بتقصير في قوله أو عمله أو حاله أو رزقه أو تقلّب قلب: فعليه بالتوحيد والاستغفار ففيهما الشفاء”.

الفتاوى 698/11.

Shaykh Al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“So whoever perceives (from himself) deficiency (shortcomings) in his speech or actions or his condition or his sustenance or a change of heart, then he should holdfast to tawheed and seeking forgiveness, for in them is the cure.”

Al-Fataawaa 11/698.


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