Lecture #2 of ‘Aqeedah & Manhaj Series – Shaykh Dr. ‘Abdulilah Lahmami – Sunday, October 18th (inshā’Allāh)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Update: Please note that the lecture of Shaykh ‘Abdulilāh Lahmāmī has been postponed. Insha’Allah, a new date would be announced later in the future. Please bear with us.

Manhaj Lecture 2 - Sh Abdulilah Lahmami

We are pleased to announce the details of the second lecture of the Monthly Series of Lectures in the Manhaj and ‘Aqeedah, inshā’Allāh:

Lecture Title: The ‘Aqeedah & Manhaj of Imam Sufyān ath-Thawri – the Ameerul-Mu’mineen in Hadeeth (d. 161 H)

Speaker: Shaykh Dr. ‘Abdulilāh Lahmami – may Allaah preserve him

Date: Sunday, 1st of Rabee’ al-Awwal, 1442 A.H (18th of October, 2020)

Time: 4:30pm Nigerian time [4:30pm UK | 6:30pm Saudi | 11:30 am EST]

Broadcast links: SalafiNigeria.com/live & mixlr.com/salafi-nigeria

Note: The class will be delivered directly in English, inshā’Allāh.

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