Seeking Justice against Oppression in Non Islamic Courts – Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hadee Al Madkhali



This is a question of one of the brothers from Nigeria, he said: Some 700 staffs have been sacked from a company in Nigeria unjustly, is it permissible for us, we Muslims, to seek our rights through any of the following means:

1. Through the courts which judge in general by secular laws knowing that in our country people usually seek their rights through this means.

2. Using the public media so that the people know of (the injustice).

3. Carrying out organized protests using placards with the coordination of the police.


Let them seek (their rights) through the government (i.e courts). Even if the government is a kaafir, because this is what is commonly shared by all the intellectuals, this is what is commonly shared by all the intellectuals, that is: defending the oppressed against oppression and giving him his rights, there is no problem (in this) provided that you do not take the right of others, rather you are taking your right, and as such, there is no problem in it. The Prophet (salaa Allah alayhi wa salam) when he commanded his companions (radiya Allah ‘anhum) to migrate to Najashi (Abyssinia), who had not yet become Muslim, the Prophet (salaa Allah alayhi wa salam) said; “he (Najashi) is a just ruler, no one is oppressed in his land.” Yet he was upon polytheism as he was a Christian, Nasraani. This shows that preventing oppression is something that is commonly shared among the children of Aadam all together, repelling oppression, yes. This is an affair of instinct, no one accepts it, oppression. So repelling it (oppression) from an individual by that which is custumary amongst the people. Then there is no problem in this.

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